ABAP on SAP S/4HANA Development Expertise

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Eyal Alsheikh

Amir Dror


SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)
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Daily seminar


John Bryce ECO Tower, Homa Umigdal 29 Tel-Aviv


Since ABAP version 7.40 a new set of syntax was added to enrich ABAP and support modern technologies. For example, a new syntax that extends the ABAP Open SQL, Advanced Open SQL, was included to better integrate Open SQL with the SAP HANA database and exploit the HANA database processing power (“ABAP on SAP HANA”) and to support the concept of “Code push down”. Other new syntax shortener the code writing and increase abilities on data processing and add new capabilities.

In this workshop we will go over the major things in this new syntax. The workshop will have several parts. In each part a presentation will be followed by training session.

Also a high-level overview on ABAP RESTful Programming model (ABAP RAP) will be presented. ABAP RAP can be used to build UI and API both On-Premise systems (from S/4 HANA 2020 version systems) and on the cloud using SAP BTP ABAP Environment Platform-as-a-Service.

Who Should Attend

  • ABAP developers that are going to move to a system or working on a system with HANA database (ECC, S/4).
  • ABAP developers wanting to learn about new capabilities


  • Basic understanding of ABAP code

Course Contents

  •  Overview + Inline Declaration 
    • NetWeaver Overview
    • Inline Declaration

    Advanced open SQL

    • Parameters and calculations
    • String commands
    • Case

    Constructor Expressions

    • Value
    • New
    • Corresponding
    • Cond, Switch
    • Ref
    • Conf
    • Cast
    • String Expressions
    • Filter

    Internal Tables

    • Read
    • Line Exists

High level overview on ABAP RESTful Programming model

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